Продажби и наеми на недвижими имоти от Compass Property


Compass Property is a member of NREA (National Real Estate Association) since 2013 !

Mission of the association:

To look after  the interests of the real estate mediators. To establish common work ethics criteria  and ensure the proper regulation of the market. Strives to protect both its members interests  and those of their clients.


Most countries have created legislations to ensure that both agents and clients are equally protected. NSF objective is to incorporate the best of foreign experience and local expertise  imposing  universal  standards  on the market of real estate in Bulgaria.

National Association of Real Estate / NSF / was established in 1992 as a non-profit organization and is registered under the Act for individuals and families. Due to changes in the Bulgarian legislation the association was re-registered in 2001 under the Law on Non-Profit.