Продажби и наеми на недвижими имоти от Compass Property

Selling process with Compass property

There are several key steps involved in the  sale process:

1) Evaluation of property

 This is a free service. In order to give the most accurate evaluation possible, we will take into account:

• Location of the property
• Proximity to schools and shops
• Travel links
• comparison to simillar offers.
• improvements that have been done to the property or works that are still needed
• current demand from buyers

We will use our experience to determiene the best price for your property.

2) Instruction

Upon your approval to proceed with marketing of your property we will take all the necessary data and prepare the listing. 

At that pont you need to sign our standard mediation contract.

3) Marketing

With all materials in place we can begin marketing your home. In addition to featuring your property on our website we will upload the details to the leading property portals, newspaeres and periodicals.

The listing will be placed  in our vast database of clients with similar searches that we constantly  update with collagues form leading real estate agencies.

4) Preparing Property for sale

First impressions count - it is a fact.

What better time to freshen up some of those rooms, give the front door a lick of paint, tidy up the garden, and really set the stage for your viewings

It’s a good idea to take care of all those little jobs - things that may catch the eye of a potential buyer could be enough to put them off.

We will be happy to advise you on simple inexpensive tips to help your home sell as quickly as possible and at the best possible price.

5) Viewings

The most important thing is that buyers are allowed to view your home in a stress-free environment .

Do not underestimate the power of fresh flowers or the smell of freshly brewed coffee - those first impressions linger and really do count.

We are availabe 7 days a week.

6) Offers

Once an offer has been put forward, we will call you to discuss it in the context of the buyers situation.
We will advise you on how to proceed, but ultimately the decision is yours.

7) Property check

It is our responsibility to check the available documentation.

8) Contract  of sale

Once a contact  is signed,the sale becomes legally binding and the buyer must leave a deposit.

9) Completion of the transaction

The property is legally transferred to the buyer when the entire amount is transferred to the seller.

At this point the property must be vacated.

10) Moving out

Organize in advance, make lists, there are many people  to contact.

If you have much furniture and belongings, it may be worth hiring a company. We can assist with that.