Продажби и наеми на недвижими имоти от ID Trade

Buying Process

We think that purchasing real estae is probably one of the most important decisions in life.

Regardless whether you are a first time buyer or investor, here  are some of the key steps  in the buying process.

1) Contact Compass property.

You can contact us by phone, online. Meet up with our team for a cup  of tea or coffee!

If you have a house, apartment or office for sale, we strongly recommend that you put your property on the market before looking for a new one.  This will not only give you a better idea of the ​​market conditions but also when you find the perfect home, it may show the seller that you are a real buyer.

2) Are you thinking about finding a property of your dreams?

We will give you detailed information about all properties currently available that meet your criteria and we will inform you promptly on the availability of new ones.

If you have a favorite area or region where currently  there are no properties for sale that mach your requirements, we will  contact new potental sellers.

3) You should consider your finances!

If you have a property for sale  that will be used to finance the purchase of a new one , we will make free valuation.
Evaluate your property here.

If you need a mortgage, it is important to talk to our advisor so you can  determine the financing.  We work with the following financial institutions in Bulgaria: UNICREDIT BULBANK, FIRST INVESTMENT BANK, BANK DSK, CREDIT AGRICOLE, CIBANK, SOCIETE GENERALE EКСПРЕСБАНК, POSTBANK.

4) Are  you thinking about visiting a particular property?

We should be able to answer all of the questions you may have regarding the property and its location.

5) Let's make an offer!

We will inform the seller about your offer, explaning  any relevant information about your position. If the price is not relevant, we will do everything possible to negotiate a price that would satisfy both sides.

6) Consider the documents

It is important to remember that there is still no legal obligation pending between the buyer and the seller, until contracts are signed.

It is our job to check the property's full record.

We would prepare the contracts  and advise you on the details for transferring the property. The process ends with signing of the new notary deed infront of a notary.

7) Moving in

Organize in advance, make lists, there are many people to contact, do not leave everything to the last minute!

If you have much furniture and belongings, it may be worth hiring a moving company. We can assist!

You will need to make sure to transfer the utility numbers to the name of the new buyer according to the notary deed.